Summer OnTrack Career Exploration/Goal Setting Elective

Course Outline for Summer OnTrack Career Exploration class

The Summer Session 8-9 Career Exploration class will focus on Goal setting and career interests. Although there is not a formal 16 day pacing for this class. This class should incorporate some of the following criteria. The curriculum resources and ideas are merely an outline and other things can be used to target these goals.

Foci/Goals for this course

- Getting used to a High school schedule and program design
- Understanding credit earning and importance of grades and testing for graduation
- Setting goals
- Time prioritization
- Critical thinking
- Developing a long-term plan
- Learning about career opportunities available
- Learning about Post-secondary education options availalbe
- Life goals
- Interest inventories
- Career Steps and career clusters
- Character education
- Dreaming and making it happen
- Learning about your strengths and finding a career path to support those strengths.
- Personal interests/Who Am I?

Activities that could be used to support these goals.

- Visiting classes at St Paul College
- Interest and personal inventories to select a career path that you like
- Interest Inventories and 8 year plans
- Templates provided on the Wiki with regards to: career clusters, career quests, career interest inventories, etc.
- Daily writing with regards to career research
- Daily writing with regards to life goals and ‘how-to’s’ for success
- Researching careers in the lab and from resource books
- Final 3 paragraph essay about a career they are interested in, steps to achieve it, rate of pay, demand, etc…
- Using the writing process as an extension to the online resources
- Learning to manage your time wisely- a practice day
- Personal Scrapbook- on the Wiki
- Sending home information for parents on study habits and rigor of High School
- Character education mini-lessons-based on 6 pillars
- Mapping a life course with strategic steps to achievement.

Course outline, grading sheet as well as an expectation sheet that can be sent home with students is attached

Download file "Summer OnTrack Career Exploration Outline.pdf"
Download file "Summer Progress Report form1.pdf"Download file "Summer Progress Report.doc"
Download file "Student Expectations for Career class.doc"Download file "Career Elective Grading Sheet.xls"


Course is worth 100 pts, students must get 75 points to earn a credit and must have 80% attendance (not >3)

  • Each day's work is worth 5 points based on: attendance, work completion, assignment quality and collaboration (80 total)
  • The final goal paper 20 points-this includes any pre-writing done
  • Teachers are expected to send home a progress report detailing student’s total points as well as areas they can work on and areas they did well.
  • Teachers are expected to give daily, weekly and end of session feedback to all students on their reading, writing, sharing, listening skills.

Teachers should turn in the following items to ALC at the completion of summer session. These can be collected and given to site administrators grouped by teacher name.

• A sample of a High, middle and low paper
• The excel grading spreadsheet for each class (electronically to
- Teachers are expected to put all grades into the EDP grading system.

Materials Needed for Summer Session ELA

- Notebooks and folders for every student
- Exploring Careers Book and Activities
- Start with Character! Grades 5 - 12 Lessons based on the 6 Pillars
- Best Job Series Reference books- 6/classroom
- Activities from the Wiki

Career Exploration/Goal Setting Resources-

Study Habits, Personality and Inventories

Download file "Dream It Plan It Do It.pdf"Download file "Are you Notorious.pdf"Download file "Who R U  Print It.pdf"Download file "Who Are You 1.pdf"Download file "Who Are You 2.pdf"Download file "U Choose.pdf"Download file "Test Taking Tips.pdf"
Download file "Test Taking Strategies.pdf"Download file "Study Session Middle School.pdf"Download file "Student Career exploration sheet.pdf"
Download file "Procrastinate No More.pdf"Download file "Meet your Match.pdf"Download file "Map a Course.pdf"Download file "Life is a game.pdf"
Download file "Manage Your Time in Middle School.pdf"Download file "InterestSurvey.pdf"Download file "Interest and career survey sheets.pdf"
Download file "In 8 years-1.pdf"Download file "In 8 Years-2.pdf"Download file "Homework Hints.pdf"Download file "goalsetting_smart_goals.pdf"

Career Exploration and Research

Download file "Budgeting 1.pdf"Download file "Budgeting 2.pdf"Download file "Career development parent tips.pdf"
Download file "Career education sheet-gr 8.pdf"Download file "Career Exploration wksht.pdf"Download file "Career Exploration worksheet.pdf"
Download file "Career opportunities wksheet.pdf"Download file "Career Quest Scrapbook.pdf"Download file "Career Step  7-1.pdf"
Download file "Career Step 6-1.pdf"Download file "Career Step 8-1.pdf"Download file "Career-1.pdf"Download file "Career Step 6-2.pdf"
Download file "Career Step 7-2.pdf"Download file "Student Career exploration sheet.pdf"

Specific Career Paths and Clusters

Download file "Arts and Communications Careers.pdf"Download file "Business Careers.pdf"Download file "Camp Counselor.pdf"
Download file "Careers in Agriculture.pdf"Download file "Careers in Construction.pdf"Download file "Careers in education.pdf"
Download file "Careers in engineering.pdf"Download file "Careers in Finanacial services.pdf"Download file "Careers in hospitality and tourism.pdf"
Download file "careers in human services-1.pdf"Download file "careers in legal and protective services.pdf"Download file "Chef.pdf"
Download file "Careers in manufacturing.pdf"Download file "Careers in public adminisration and government services careers.pdf"
Download file "Careers in Science Revised.pdf"Download file "Coach.pdf"Download file "Event Planner.pdf"Download file "Event Planner-1.pdf"
Download file "health careers.pdf"Download file "Information Technology Print It.pdf"Download file "Nutritionist.pdf"Download file "Nutritionist-1.pdf"Download file "Preschool Teacher.pdf"Download file "Real Estate Agent.pdf"Download file "sports careers.pdf"Download file "Real Estate Agent-1.pdf"Download file "Travel Agent.pdf"Download file "wholesale retail sales and services careers.pdf"

Character Development

Download file "Start with Character.pdf"